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Be done in less than a minute per person

Even this facilitates communication that would massively improve engagement and performance.

It’s all about being on the same page with your manager on expectations for the work to be done. Any given week you will either miss expectations, meet them, or exceed them. The least you need to know if your manager thinks you have missed expectations, which if true only means two things:

a) You slacked off.

b) You both were not on the same page in terms of what the realistic expectations were for the week.

If a) is true then you know what to do to improve next time, and if b) then you need to do a better job setting expectations with your manager for the next week.

Our feedback tool can be used by managers to give quick 1min feedback to giving more detailed pointed feedback when they have more time. But getting regular feedback is what is critical to help you understand where to improve to grow in your career.


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