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Don’t let “Engagement” be just another metric in your year end report. We know you care about the work you do and who you do it with. Camaradly can help you embrace and practice the true meaning of engagement by beginning where it matters, your people.


The Secret Sauce

Authentic, bite-sized, and asynchronous conversations for increasing engagement, sharing feedback, and enabling growth for people who have a relentless drive to be the best versions of themselves, individually and as a team.

Tools to Grow Better, Together

We have designed the right communication structure around engagement and performance between you, your managers and team mates.



What’s holding you back? Let your Managers know, regularly

Our Work Life Check-In facilitates you to meaningfully connect to your manager and team, regularly. You share how you are feeling, what’s holding you back, and what’s catalyzing your progress.

These actionable insights help your manager stay engaged with your growth journey and lets you guide them to celebrate hidden wins and address what's most important as it happens.

This Work Life Check-in is based on learnings from the “The Power of Small Wins” by Teresa Amabile and Steven J. Kramer


Feedback & Recognition

We offer a bite-sized feedback and recognition system to understand your manager’s expectations

People who get ten plus CFRs or a CFR every two weeks have a higher career growth at their company.

Traditional (Bi)annual performance evaluations do not work. Touch points between you and managers are few and far between. Feedback, when it comes, is too little, too late.

Our framework of sleek, bite-sized feedback and recognition system helps you understand your manager’s expectations. And it helps managers provide timely, high-impact feedback which enables you to identify what to improve as you move toward the next evaluation.

Managers should be celebrated too. Help your managers guide you better by givinging them recognition for the thorough input they give you.



Traditional (Bi) annual evaluations are frustrating. Our regular check-ins & F&R system makes reviews more meaningful and super quick with the help of stats pulled from Camaradly.

Reviews can be time-consuming and at times over-whelming. Our team of experts have carefully designed a system which helps make reviews simpler and do-able in as short as 5 minutes. We believe in helping people invest time where it is most essential which is to have the conversation an employee need towards growth. Our model of doing regular and consistent F&Rs results in quicker Reviews. Keeping the individual's growth at the forefront in the process.



Give public recognition, skyrocket productivity

Team members around us do amazing things every single day.

Use Camaradly to give company wide, public shoutouts to fellow members who went above and beyond to help the team achieve its goals. Celebrating our wins together helps establish a culture of togetherness and camaraderie.

one on one


Our system helps make 1-on-1s more meaningful and faster

Everyone wants to be heard at work. We want to be asked the right questions. Our product has carefully hand-picked questions that lead to productive and human conversations between an employee and their manager. We prefer having 1-on-1s as often as possible.

While time is a limited resource, and managers with large teams will always be constrained. Camaradly gives you a summary of whats important for each team member, individually which makes the conversation much quicker and meaningful.

features insight

Company Insights

Understand what is limiting the growth, happiness and performance of your team.

  • Understand and improve your team’s happiness and performance.

  • Find out what are the biggest common speed-bumps slowing down and holding your team back.

  • Improve team dynamics and pre-empting pitfalls before they occur.

  • Make sure your team collectively moves in the right direction.

private 360 review

Anonymous Private 360

No more beating around the bush, private, anonymous 360 feedback is you and your peers safe space to grow together.

If you’re looking to give your peers more pointed but meaningful feedback, and that too privately. Anonymous private 360 allows just that. Choose from an array of attributes to provide rating based feedback, that aggregates with that of other peers. Resulting in a score that your peer can grow and improve with in their own safe space.

Camaradly assists with presets to choose from when you’re backed up on ideas about helping your peer improve. We have got you covered there!

private 360 review


Transparent, holistic view of the objectives shared with the entire workforce

An individual in a company is bound to perform better if the goals of the company to be achieved quarterly and annually are made transparent and kept in one place. Our OKR feature builds on Intel and Google's brain child, additionally providing an interface to keep track of company-wide, Team and individual Objectives and Key Results.

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