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Why we built Camaradly

Human relationships are messy. It’s no different at work. And work is one-third of our lives. It’s time we embraced this messiness and leveraged it in a dedicated safe space to have the right conversations to help one another be the best version of themselves - thereby unleashing our teams to thrive. BTW we need to do all this in a simple and fast way. Hence, Camaradly.

why we built camaradly

How Camaradly helps

Camaradly is a culture platform. We design simple, fast, asynchronously used mini-tools to help you structure authentic conversations around feedback, engagement, and growth.

how camaradly helps
We enable a culture where:

Regular and honest feedback becomes less stressful for both the giver and receiver.


People can easily talk about where their emotions and feelings may have been hurt.


People become stronger team members while being radically honest.

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